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About Us

National Family Lawyers deliver expert, quality, personal legal services in all areas of family law matters including divorce, children’s and property matter’s, de facto relationships, same sex relationships, child support and family violence.

Our offices are conveniently located to eliminate the added stress of having to commute to the City. Whether it be our prime Malvern location or in the South East adjacent to the Family Court of Victoria, we take into consideration that the outcome of your family law matter is of importance, and it is essential that you have on your side a family lawyer that will provide you with dedicated and superior service.

We understand that you may feel a great deal of worry and stress regarding your matter, and we are here to help you get these urgent matters resolved so that you can move forward with your life. Therefore we pride ourselves on offering expert advice and achieving outstanding results in and out of court.

At National Family Lawyers our core values stand for hard work and commitment, integrity & empathy, and we are not afraid to take matters to court if we feel that it is in the best interests of our clients.

The principal, Robert Giudice has dealt exclusively in Family Law for well over 12 years. Over the years Robert has garnered a strong reputation throughout the legal community for his high level of ethical standards and case results for our clients. Robert is a solicitor- advocate who does most of his appearance work at court himself rather than the added unnecessary expense of a Barrister.